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امید - آلبوم ها Omid - Albums
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پرسه های عاشقانه
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تک آهنگ ها
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حضرت عشق
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Shabe_Milad Omid
شب میلاد
har_do_ashegh Omid
هر دو عاشق

ایرانشهر موزیک - سایت جدید پاپ ایران با آهنگ های جدید و کاملتر

Omid is one of the biggest Persian artists.Omid Soltani started his career with his first album Baaraan. His newest album, “Shabe milad” released at 2009 with big hits like ‘Agar mande boodi’ and ‘Ayenehaye Barani’. He has become very popular with the Iranian people over the years because of his way of singing. His fans thinks that he sings with heart. his “Baran” is very popular between iranian people. Omid was Iran's first domestically made satellite Omid is a data-processing satellite for research and telecommunications, Iran's state television reported that it was successfully launched on 2 February 2009. After being launched by an Iranian-made carrier rocket, Safir 2, the satellite was placed into a low Earth orbit. The launch, which coincided with the 30th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution and was supervised by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was also verified by NASA the following day as a success. Its Satellite Catalog Number or USSPACECOM object number is 33506. Ahmadinejad said the satellite was launched to spread "monotheism, peace and justice" in the world. The Tehran Times reported that "Iran has said it wants to put its own satellites into orbit to monitor natural disasters in the earthquake-prone nation and improve its telecommunications." Foreign minister Manouchehr Mottaki said the satellite was launched to "meet the needs of the country" and is "purely for peaceful purposes" Omid had the shape of a 40-centimeter (16 in) cube with mass of 27 kilograms (60 lb). Sources in the Iranian Space Agency say the satellites sole payload was a store and forward telecommunication capability. The launch of Omid makes Iran the ninth country to develop an indigenous satellite launch capability. Test launch Speaking at the opening of a new space centre on February 4, 2008, President Ahmadinejad announced that Omid would be launched in "the near future". On August 17, 2008, Iranian officials reported that a test of the satellite carrier was performed, and footage was broadcast of the launch of the Safir rocket in darkness. According to an American official, "The vehicle failed shortly after liftoff and in no way reached its intended position." Iranian officials released a statement denouncing the allegations as propaganda and stated the Iran would soon launch the Omid satellite. Orbit The satellite was launched southeast over the Indian Ocean to avoid overflying neighboring countries and was placed into an orbit with an inclination of 55.5 degrees, with a perigee of 246 km, an apogee of 377 km, and a period of 90.76 minutes
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