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حبیب - آلبوم ها Habib - Albums
akhe_azizam Habib
آخه عزيزم
aftabmahtab Habib
آفتاب مهتاب
iranbanoo Habib
ایران بانو
Bot Habib
bezanbaran Habib
بزن باران
Khane_Sorkh Habib
خانه سرخ
khanekoochak Habib
خانه کوچک
KH Habib
khodeshe Habib
khorshidkhanum Habib
خورشید خانم
salam_hamsaye Habib
سلام همسایه
SEFR Habib
kavire_bavar Habib
کویر باور
marde_tanhaye_shab Habib
مرد تنهای شب
hamraz Habib

ایرانشهر موزیک - سایت جدید پاپ ایران با آهنگ های جدید و کاملتر

Habib Mohebian is a Persian singer-songwriter, first became seriously passionate about music and playing guitar in the last years of high school. He participated in a nationwide competition held by the Iranian Radio and Television Broadcasting and was chosen as one of the 16 short listed candidates. After two years of training, he was drafted and continued his music career in the Officers Clubs and nationwide performances. Habib then settled in the provinces of Western and Eastern Azerbaijan and eventually Tehran. He is now living in the US. However, there is a common misconception that Shahla has been inspired by Habib’s ex-wife (the name of his ex-wife is Shaadi and not Shahla). In 2003, Habib took stage along with his son, Mohamad. While remaining loyal to his principles, Habib showed a bit more flexibility in producing music videos, going on stage, and more mainstream music to help with the career of his son. Their first common album was named Javooni with songs such as “Gheir-e-To”, “Nazaninam”, “Nameh”, a new version of the song “Madar”. The song “Gheir-e-To” starts with a famous music piece from the film The Message (shown frequently in Iran) that is mixed with Habib’s own romantic Persian song. Recently Habib has travelled back to Iran and has requested for permission to put on a concert in Iran. As yet no news as to whether it was accepted or not is available. He is one of the few singers in the songs of guitar strings a dozen uses. He emigrated to Iran and seek the release of x along with family albums and concerts at the Liberty Stadium .. Return to Iran and concerts He plans to travel to Iran to pay for concerts. Also a concert by Habib after his meetings with the vice president had become easier. Bhgfth Music Office Guidance, Habib Mohebian its request for permission to release the album has to offer. One reason for Iran to agree with a concert by his failure to execute any program against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian government was not against the community Habib was born in 1331 in Western Drazrbayjan. Spent three years in Urmia and Tabriz also has spent several years. His family, his brothers were also interested in music but his music brought to Habib. Despite the willingness of other brothers to the violin, his favorite was the first guitar. Habib adolescence coincided with the emergence of the Beatles (English: Beatels) Europe in the 60s and this led to more interest in his music. He would later be hired as a singer on TV. He was hired after two years of military service he went to the radio and there was also a singer and club officers. His first wife was a happy boy and his name is called MR, which now lives in Iran.Songs "Mother" and "cookie bear" remembers his mother and "Sh I" and "look" to learn to read Fqydsh wife. His second wife, Nahid, which Muhammad (young readers), the fruit of his marriage. Habib is among the few singers of Iran's political activities against the Islamic Republic of Iran has done and he and his cousin were not any Iranian opposition groups. He welcomed the arrival of the Iranian government do so. Habib said in an interview in 1388 so that their opinions "The mosque should be. But there is lush. Should people be free to strike at their word. Iran's mullahs issue. Young people in Iran who are running this country. Brains that are not an exception. Unfortunately, some cut out. But we're patriots too. An example is the satellite sent into space. He traveled to Iran intends to pay for concerts. Also after the concert by Habib meetings he had with the vice president has been easier. Head Office Guidance Bhgfth music, Habib Mohebian its request for permission to release the album has to offer.He is one of the few singers in the twelve songs from guitar strings to use. In 1388 he emigrated with his family in Iran and is trying to release albums and concerts at the Liberty Stadium One reason for the Iranian government's agreement with a concert by his failure to execute any program against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the lack of presence in the community against the Iranian government has been.
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