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معین - آلبوم ها Moein - Albums
arezoo Moein
moein_esfahan Moein
be_to_miandisham Moein
به تو می اندیشم
BibiGol Moein
بی بی گل
parvaz Moein
Paricheh Moein
panjere Moein
Taraneye_Sal Moein
ترانه سال
tavalode_eshgh Moein
تولد عشق
Khaterat7 Moein
خاطره 7
delbar Moein
Salhaye_Talaee Moein
سال های طلایی
safar Moein
Safar2 Moein
سفر- هایده و معین
SobhetBekheyr Moein
صبحت بخیر عزیزم
toloo Moein
asheghaneha Moein
عاشقانه ها
Kabooterbaba Moein
کبوتر باباجان
kaabe Moein
MoeinLive Moein
کنسرت معین
golhaye_ghorbat Moein
گلهای غربت
lahzeha Moein
لحظه ها
mosafer Moein
Mast Moein
moamma Moein
namaz Moein
havas Moein
YekiRa Moein
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ایرانشهر موزیک - سایت جدید پاپ ایران با آهنگ های جدید و کاملتر

Moein was born in Najafabad, Isfahan. He was so fond of his birthplace that even though Tehran had become the Center of all artists, he still stayed in Isfahan and continued to perform at the "Shah Abbas" Hotel. He currently resides in Santa Rosa, California. In 1982, after Writing "Yeki Ra Doost Midaram", he left the country. In one of his interviews, Moein actually explains that his song "Yeki Ra Doost Midaram" had been performed by Hayedeh (famous Persian singer before him) by the time he arrived to L.A.. However, it was his version which became very popular and lead Moein to his first hit. It's interesting to note that even today many people think Moein performed Hayedeh's song. Around this period his songs drew a lot of attention. Moein continued to produce hit after hit. These were all great hits not only in Iran, but also outside of Iran. Nasrallah has given the reader a prominent Iranian pop music. His given name is known more. He is now living in America and in Santa Rosa, California lives. Early Modal 13-person family with three brothers and seven sisters grew up. His childhood dream was to sing. Given at age 18 with masters such as Taj Esfahani and H. Song, then hit return to Iran to learn the corners and voice devices. From 1352 to 1357 in Isfahan Abbasi Hotel and Cabaret thousand and one night he began to run. Given his first job in 1359 as "one friend Mydarm" was sent to the world of music. Outside of Iran Given their independent debut album in 1362 called "adore" the company will market a song. Hayedeh comply with certain album with "Add me" was the bestselling album. Given year (1364) together with songs from his album Parichehr Zvland and Bijan Farid Mortazavi, the bestselling album of the year will earn. Prominent Iranian pop singer. His given name is known more. He is now living in America and in the City of Santa Rosa, lives in California. Certain 13-member family with three brothers and seven sisters grew up. From childhood he showed his interest to the song. Given at age 18 with masters such as Taj Esfahani and a good time singing those songs to learn Persian Corners and pay machines. From 1352 to 1357 at the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan and night clubs Thousand and One Nights was engaged to run the program. Given his first job in 1359 as "one like the pick," he sent the music world Given in 1368 at age 38 years with a married woman in America. In the same year her album "Good Morning Baby" was released. Two years later in 1370 given the first child (Parichehr) was born. In March the same year the song "dime" of a given player and the album "Birth of Love" single was released. Given in 1374 was separated from his wife, and spent some time alone. In 1378 he married for the second time. His second wife, a Canadian woman named "Pantea", which she called "stars" are. All flight album released in 1379 and two years later the album "Moment" was released. Given again in 1382, was divorced from his wife. The next album was given away a few years, the album names Tkahng·hayy optimism, sunrise was idolatry. In the fall of 1386, certain album "Sunrise" the result of his collaboration Given in 1330 in the city of Najaf Abad Province in highly religious families and financially, on average, and the most populous born. His childhood and youth, poems and lyrics sound great poets of the Quran with a beautiful singing tone. It was during his meetings with friends in celebration of their city and other towns in the province, many applications would run. From childhood he showed interest in singing. Given the age of 18 at the time of singing masters such as Taj Esfahani and H. Kasai pay to learn the corners and Iranian music instruments. The years 1352 to 1357 at the Abbasi Hotel Isfahan and Cabaret Nights performances busy. Given his first job in 1359 as "the one I love" came out in the music world. But the important thing was that the one I love a song and a song by Masoud Amini given a place among the people so that the effect of the borders of Iran short period of time emigrated to America in Post-Revolution Iranian readers had been read. Hayedeh, Aref, Ebi and the most famous of these individuals. Given a path like that for many years it had worked for was gone and now becomes the famous singer. He is said to be the most popular singers in their style. Outside the country Given in 1362 with his independent debut album called "adore" a song from the market. Next Album certain Hayede called "strange flowers" was the best selling album of the year. Given the following year ( 1364 ) could also Paricheh album with songs from Farid Zoland and Bijan Mortazavi , the best-selling album of the year to win. The reader is given many concerts are held throughout the year, determine the most magnificent and most glorious concert halls concerts are held. He has unique ability to perform certain familiar devices and corners Iranian duo has resulted in the implementation of specific programs is different from the other readers and let the program run for hours. Another point to be noted is the variety of work given that it makes him an exceptional singer once again. The song is the traditional Iranian instruments, as well as performing in pop music has led him to learn traditional pop flagged. All aspects of life are given in their songs. Dad and daughter love songs of the seal and his love for his wife Parichehr and humorous songs on the album, the one I love. Seal and his love for his beloved homeland in the songs of the people's right to voice his grief in certain feelings toward Iran, which represents all language can not be describes the spirituous. Personal life Given in 1368 at the age of 38 a woman "Spanish" in America married. In the same year his album "Good Morning Baby" was released. Two years later, in 1370 appointed the first child (Paricheh) - Parichehr wrong word - [1] was born. In March of the same year the song "Dime" was broadcast from the set followed by the album "Birth of Love" set was released. Appointed in 1374 , was separated from his wife, and spent some time alone. In the year 1378 he married for the second time. His second wife, a Canadian woman by the name "Pantea" She was a girl called "stars" are. In 1379 , two years after a certain album released off the album, "Moment" was released. Within a few years, which was given to the next album, album names Tkahng·hayy of optimism, rising and idolater released. In the fall of 1386 , given the album "Sunrise" is a collaboration with Babak Bayat , B. Field , Fazlollah trust , Nojooki , Kazem Alemi and B. Radmanesh be published. In an interview with adsl was given about the delay in the presentation of the album, saying that if he wanted to give this album for the nostalgia and the separation and grief. He now practices his singles have on offer
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